Things to be getting on with this weekend


I have a list of things I need to do this weekend I needed to get up early and did it was 7am, John also got up and made me coffee which he does most mornings, here is my list:

* Check my E-bay activity and list a few items

* General tidying and cleaning in the house

* Load washer and get washing on the line

* Put the first coat of paint on an old die-cast vintage style table and chairs for the garden , this may take a while as it has an intricate pattern.When it is done it will look lovely nestled on the patio nearer the backdoor, my main patio set is in the middle of the patio along with my fire basket and barbecue.

* Ironing

* Prepare lunch , just sandwiches as we are having an Indian takeaway tonight, probably eaten on our laps whilst watching Britain’s got talent

* Wrap up a couple of Birthday presents

*Make a start on packing up some E-bay items I have sold this weekend

* Boot sale on Sunday morning

*Sunday lunch at my Mum’s , must get some wine to take with us

*Tidy up my office it is a proper mess

* Bath Alfie my Dog he is a bit pongy

*Source a loo and taps to go with the free-standing bath and sink we are going to have in my bathroom

I hope to tick all of them off by Sunday evening, wish me luck.

Dawn x


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