5 most embarassing moments


I have been prompted to write this blog after reading and enjoying Caroline’s blog http://whatshappeningatmyhouse.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/friday-5-embarrassing-moments/#comment-2375

I have had many embarrassing moments as I speak before I think a lot of the time but here are my  5:

1. When I was having my Son ( now I apologise in advance to red heads because in my defence there was a lot of stigma attached to being  a red head in the 80’s) I had a fear of having a ginger baby ( I am blushing now at just the thought of putting this out there ) as I had cousin’s who were and I was convinced my child would have , so when my Son arrived and had a head full of dark hair I was so relieved, when I was in the TV room of the hospital I was chatting to another new Mum and was having a laugh about our experiences and I blurted out ” I am so glad my baby did not have  a head full of ginger hair” she looked at me and said ” My eldest daughter has red hair and so does  husband”  I just looked at her and said “oh I am so sorry”, then said quickly ” not for your Daughter and your Husband but for what I said” talk about digging a deeper hole!!! I was mortified, me and my bloody big mouth!

2. After having my 2nd c-section ( had 3 ) my Son was ok but one of the areas where my staples were had became very sore and needed treatment and when I got home the treatment was to be carried out by my midwife, she came for two days and announced that a different midwife would be coming as she was going on holiday, the next day the midwife turned up and there she stood my Husbands ex girlfriend ! she had to see my bits and do my treatment , but to be fair she was just as embarrassed as I was!  She did not know we lived here and did not associate me with him LOL

3. We were house hunting and the estate agent sent some details for a few properties which when I had finished left on the table, a lady was returning some books to my next door neighbour and she was out so she knocked and I asked her in as she wanted to leave her phone number, she saw the house details on the table and she asked if we were house hunting, I said ” yes we are but I am so disappointed ” I picked up a sheet they had sent and said” look at this one in Devon over £200,000 and it could be in the Lunt” ( I am NOT a snob but the Lunt is not a very nice estate and has a bad reputation), she replied ” I live in the Lunt , I was born there and never moved away” she then said ” we live in the nice end and have bought our house” OMG I was mortified, My Husband rolled his eyes and I could not get the lady out of here fast enough! LOL

4. When eldest son was about 4 he caught me and my Husband in lets just say a uncomprimising position on the sofa down stairs, we did not hear him walk down stairs , when he walked in he asked ” what are you doing mummy?  my  Husband said” playing horsey” he then walked back upstairs and went to bed we laughed till we cried and forgot all about it, about 4 months later we were at my Mother in laws for lunch and the TV was on and it was show jumping, my Son blurted out ” Nanny , Mummy and Daddy play horsey with no pants on” I nearly died, I am laughing so much whilst typing this LOL it was soooo embarrassing and of course we had to tell the truth!!!!

5. this is horrible but here goes, when I was at school I was in the swimming team and was a good swimmer, just before a big swimming race with a rival school I got my period, I told my swimming teacher and she gave me a tampon, well I had only ever used pads and only just started my periods, but wanted to swim so badly in this race that I used it,I felt so uncomfortable , I walked out of the changing room and into the pool area and my teacher promptly shoved me back into the changing room,I looked down and the string from the tampon was hanging out of the crutch on my costume, I was absolutely mortified and cried so much I was sooo embarrassed I could not go back out and did not compete in the race!

There, now you know !



2 thoughts on “5 most embarassing moments

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Laughing out loud reading this, Dawn – soooo funny!! Particularly love numbers 3 and 4!! Thanks for joining in. Favourite five comfort foods next Friday x


  2. dawn060861

    Thanks Caroline I was laughing out loud typing and also cringing at the same time, I enjoyed the post very much, your are so funny too : )

    Dawn x


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