My list of 5…….


I was reading What’s happening at my house blog, and the Author Caroline listed 5 people who they could “sleep with” and just for fun so here is my list.

1.Hugh Grant……I loved him in four weddings and a funeral and have faniced him ever since

2. Colin Firth ….. I loved him in the Bridget Jones films he is just so posh and sexy with it.

3. Nicholas Cage….it is his voice more than anything that makes me go weak at the knees, I think he has the sexiest voice!

4. Keanu Reeves…..I loved him in the Lakehouse, he is very sexy.

5.Greg Wise….saw him on TV a while ago and thought he was very good looking.

The Bank holiday weather is as usual rubbish here in the UK, we went shopping for a new oven but it was out of stock and the light fitting I wanted for my bedroom was also out of stock, I did manage to get some bits and bobs for the house and paint for the garden fencing.

We are going to watch Avatar later on DVD, I think we are the only people yet to see it, it has rave reviews so I hope it lives up to my expectations. John has wanted to see it for ages, to be honest I do not know anything about it except it has blue people in it. 

I hope it is warmer tomorrow I have been so cold all day, the temperatures do not look good according to Fred the weather man.

Back soon Dawn x


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