Tuesday blog


I made Jamie Oliver’s chicken last night it was so nice and juicy, I never cook roast chicken any other way now.

I did buy the Tymne as mine is only just starting to come through because of the lousy weather I did not bother, my herbs are growing nicely now though and love cooking with them. I think we eat chicken far too often but cooked in different ways, it is healthier than red meat , John did say he would love Roast pork and crackling so I may do a small joint of pork with cider gravy next weekend it has been so long since I have cooked it though it may be a disaster as pork can be so dry.

I did use my Pilates machine and it was hard and took some getting on and off to adjust the incline and the foot and hand straps but with practice it will get easier, it tones the body and does give you a cardiac work out too. I wish I could say that the girl in the picture below is me but alas no, I can dream. It just shows what it is all about. I banned John from the room upstairs as he would only take the p**s and I would get angry and not do it, he was very good and only came up after I had finished for a little go on the machine, he thought he was being clever in thinking he could do better than me, dream on !

My machine

What it can do ( not me on machine!)

Just look at her abs, bet she is only 20 and had no kids ! this is the machine set up with the leg extensions on, I did this on the lowest tension setting lol I have a DVD to follow and I am going to use it three times a week, so you just wait I too could have abs like her …. ha ha bloody ha

I am very cross with John I had sorted some clothes out that were either too big or I did not want anymore some had tags, I told him there was a bag for the charity shop on the bed and I had put a bag of stuff to go on e bay in the spare room, I have been in the spare room and no bag, the bloody dip stick had only taken the two bags to the cancer research charity shop! oh well at least the stuff is going to a good cause !

I am making Chicken Tikka Massala tonight using a Lloyd Grossman sauce, I love his sauces , he does a lovely pasta sauce with roasted vegetables. I love pasta and have it at least once a week for lunch, it is quick and filling.I am cooking sausage( good organic pork and leeks sausage) mash and onion gravy on Wednesday evening it is one of John’s favourite meals , oh just the thought of it makes me hungry!

I spent an hour this morning reading blogs, I should be doing the ironing but hate it and have to be in the mood, Helen if you read this I wish you lived closer as I would be a very good customer! Helen does other peoples ironing for a living and has a succesful business in Guildford. Good for you Helen.

I am starving, no idea what I am having for lunch, I was thinking Gnocchi in a bacon and cheese sauce only half a portion as it is quite rich . I am off my tummy is rumbling.

Back soon x Dawn


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