Today I….


Here is the stuff I have done today

After breakfast and general cleaning up I prepared Jamie Oliver’s Roast chicken for this evening, chicken with lemon zest,lemon juice,garlic and Thyme butter under the skin and stuffed with garlic, the lemon that is left from juicing and zesting and a sprig of Thyme and the whole house smelt yummy.

Whilst preparing the veg and making a Cauliflower cheese ( my absolute favourite side dish) to go with the chicken this evening I was listening to and joining in with Diana Ross, I love her songs and have always done so , the poor neighbours!

 I then sorted my washing and put loads away and got an e-mail from a lady saying she would like to buy 4 items of clothing from e-bay and could I combine postage, her address is not that far from me so I said come and collect if you like save postage ( saves me packing and going to the post office too) she is popping in later, brilliant!

I have been reading my e mails and blogs , I love to see how other people live, I am so very nosey! I have one blog called the beach cottage and it is from a lady in Australia who lives in a cottage by the beach and I love the way she has decorated the cottage it is so pretty, I want it! it is adorable, I love everything she has done it is so shabby chic, I am not brave enough to do shabby chic yet love vintage , John would hate it. I conform to the norm I suppose, the blog has wonderful photographs and I can sit for ages reading and re reading the posts, I think I have far too much time on my hands.

I have also been looking for a new oven by built-in one has had it and I am managing with just the top smaller oven, I may order one later, I will run it by John when he comes in from work.

I rang the site where we have our caravan on a part seasonal pitch for which we pay £800 per yer plus winter storage charges ( we can’t be on the pitch in the main weeks) how much it would cost to leave the caravan out for Whitsun and I could not believe it she said £177.50 for the week, I am fuming, It was about £120 last year. I am not paying that for the privilege of sleeping in my own bloody caravan! the cheek of it, we will go and stay the weekend before and put it in storage. It is not just the money it is the principle , they have already installed electricity meters and but the fees up!

I am going to start my Pilates exercises tonight and hope I can manage to keep up with the DVD ! the machine has been standing for ages so it is about time it was put to use.

Oh well better get the roast potatoes in the oven they won’t cook themselves.

Be back soon Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Today I….

  1. Hi Dawn,

    Did you get approval for a new built in oven?!

    What do you have currently? Do you need any help finding a new one? I work for Appliances Online so live and breath kitchen appliances! Give me a shout if you need any help.



    • dawn060861

      Hi Thanks for the offer we have a built under double oven and needed to replace it , we have one now thanks , will keep you in mind for any future needs.
      dawn x


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