Good morning,I woke up at seven am and could not go back to sleep so I got out of bed and looked out of their window and it had been raining, rain….again, my Sister told me it was going to be a lovely weekend…WTF?  I know I should not have such high expectations as it is the UK I live in but please can we have some sodding sunshine, yesterday was very nice and John managed to do some jobs I had asked him to do and today I wanted to BBQ for lunch…not happening si plan B we will have an indoor BBQ, which means cook everything on the griddle, my kitchen will be full of smoke, my hob will be splattered with fat and the house will wreak…oh well either that or go to the pub instead which is a nice idea but to be honest I quite fancy minted lamb and lemon and garlic chicken, I could always persuade John to clean the kitchen.

I was watching Britain’s got talent last night and was amazed at the Gymnast’s they were fantastic and at the very end this very nervous guy sang and he was brilliant, I forget his name, Simon said he did not look li, he was enjoying it and looked too nervous but he got through and I am glad, yes he did look nervous, I would be crapping myself standing on that stage in front of the panel and the hundred’s packed into the theatre they were in, Simon seems to forget some of these performers have never sang or performed their act in front of an audience before.

I did not like Amanda Holden much but am warming to her a bit more , she encourages talent and gets so emotional and stands up to Simon too and is quite funny, Oh and please do we have to watch a man swallow coins and a snooker ball and regurgitate them, I was nearly sick, that is not entertainment, and he only went and got through! WTF? do they really think  HM The Queen will want to see that?

Last year John got me a Pilates machine and I am ashamed to say got on it lay on it adjusted the tension did one little pull on it and got off it and that was that, it was gathering dust in the spare bedroom so later on I am going to watch the DVD and give it a go, I am going to do the exercise plan three times a week to start with and them do the quickie session every day, I have no excuses I have the time so why the heck have I not done it before?  I am lazy when it comes to exercise and unless I have someone breathing down my neck I will not do it, John was having a moan about buying stuff we never use and he mentioned the machine and he is right, it was not cheap if I can remember it was nearly £300 and so I decided to give it a go, I have also asked my friend Lynne to come walking twice a week with me as she was saying how she needed to get fit, a couple of years ago I walked three times a week with my neighbour Paula and the weight dropped off, once the winter set in we stopped going and never started up again, she has since moved.

I have lost 1 stone 3lb now and have a lot more to go but slowly but surely it is coming off. I am never going to diet again and am making healthy choices, watching my portion sizes and  having healthy snacks if I need them, I have cut out diet coke and swapped it for flavoured water and still mineral water too. It will take a while for it to come off but I have given myself a year, My Son is getting married in July 2011 and I will be 50 then and we are going away for that and I want to look my very best for then.

It is Rudolph day today! let me explain, I belong to a web group called Organised Christmas  Elves and it a group for people who love Christmas and other celebrations and helps us get organised, on the 25th of every month all through the year we do something Christmas related, for example,write a list,sort out a cupboard where you will keep your gifts, start a gift closet ( box or cupboard), watch a Christmas movie ( nearer the big day) or find a recipe you may like to try etc, so today I will look for a few cookie and sweet recipes that I want to make over Christmas.

I have a Christmas folder full of gift ideas things I want to make card and gift lists, party ideas and I have been using it and updating it for 5 years, it helps me as I am a list person , I find it so satisfying ticking off the stuff I have done or brought or made, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Happy Rudolph Day x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Sunday….

  1. Helen

    ……….. goes to look for website for Organised Christmas Elves …………… I am a list person too. Live by them! LOL! Still loving this blog. Thanks! xxx


    • dawn060861

      you should join us Helen we are a fun group and even better towards the big day : ) I have just started my Christmas notebook , I am Dawn was SAHUKMOM on there , I hope to see youi over at the OCE x Thanks for reading my blog x


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