Well I am not booking a cruise or buying a mansion and giving my family cheques for a million, just checked my Euro Millions and we got one number, better luck next Friday and there is always tonight.

I am going to give John a swift kick up the backside today if he does not get some decorating done, he has loads to do and he keeps putting it off or stopping and starting and it infuriates me. Yesterday I presented him with a list of all the jobs that needed to be done and I told him to get on with it, no excuses or I will ring a decorator and he will pay the bill. I think he got the message.

I was reading a blog and yesterday and saw a funny name for a shop so being the geek that I am I googled funny business names and here are a few of the hundreds that came up, they made me laugh.

WTF??? I hope they made you smile too.

If it is nice and warm out later I might BBQ some lamb and chicken I am making a mint marinade for the lamb and a garlic and lemon marinade for the chicken, plus veggie parcels, foil parcels filled with peppers,red onions,garlic,mushrooms and cherry tomatoes seasoned and a knob of butter and cooked on the BBQ they are quite tasty, I always keep corn on the cob in too I love it. If it is chilly I will cook outside and eat inside or get John to light the fire basket, I have a nice White Zynfandel in the fridge that  is for later too so please let there be sun!

I will be back   Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Helen

    Hi Dawn, I am really enjoying your blog 🙂 I do not do one myself. My daughters suggested I should, about 3 months back, and I kind of looked at twitter, but it seemed so huge, and I did not do it. I love reading about your cooking, etc. etc. – it gives me ideas! I was going to suggest getting a decorator in, but then I read on …. LOL! I did that with my husband and the window cleaning. He now does them every month! As for decorating our son in law in absolutely brilliant, so I pay him to do it. He is so neat and fast too. Its really worth it. I don’t think David has ever decorated anything in his life! LOL! Keep up the good blog. Lots of Love. xxxxx


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