Rant and other stuff


I rang the GP this morning to get my blood pressure check and see if he needed to up my dose of medication and to discuss my Iron tablets and the reason I am not taking them etc and I was told he is stuck in Goa! I said well I only have  enough tablets for another week and as it the first time I have taken them he did not give me a repeat prescription, I asked if there was anyway I could see someone else and she said no way as the flight ban has caused so much hassle and it has been a nightmare. I understand that and feel so sorry for everyone concerned and I told her that, she said I have to ring back in the morning and she will see what she can do. It is not her fault but is not mine either and I need my medication to be sorted, if I get the same answer in the morning I will be cross to say the least.

On a lighter note I have lost a stone! I have been healthy eating and it is paying off, I am not flowing a diet but just being sensible and drinking a lot more water and I think that is a great help, I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke and would always feel bloated and get stomach cramps but since cutting it out and drinking flavoured still water I feel a lot better. I have three meals a day plus fruit mid morning and a yogurt or some sort of lower fat snack if I need it to keep me going until we eat in the evening. I have cut out takeaways and cook my own healthier versions which John also eats and says he prefers them as they are lovely. I love to cook and discover new recipes and am going through my recipe books for more ideas.

I am looking after my Grandaughter Emily who is four this afternoon and she has requested cheese on toast for her lunch, a good choice!

She skipped in telling me someone had hurt her arm at school and she had a large square plaster on her arm, she said ” I asked the teacher for a pink plaster and do you know Nanny they never had any” Emily loves anything pink and is Disney Princess mad ! she sat on my lap and asked ” Nanny have you lost weight?” I said “yes I have how did you know ?” she replied “well your belly is not so fat now” well I did ask .

I had better go and get my Princess her cheese on toast, Alfie my dog loves Emily she always shares her food with him, she saves him her crusts.

Be back soon Dawn x


One thought on “Rant and other stuff

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Well done on losing a stone, Dawn – that’s brilliant!! I really need to get my head around losing some weight, it’s crept back on since I lost three stone a few years ago. x


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