Got stuff done


I have been busy today taking photo’s of the stuff I have for sale and uploading them and listing them on e-bay. I have taken a few pics of some homemade cards. I made a lasagna for dinner besides housework.

I did find time to read my favourite blogs and find a few more of my favourite sites as I had lost them when my old laptop crashed.

I am now watching Jamie does ( Jamie Oliver’s new TV show) he is in Andalusia / the Costa’s , I follow Jamie on Twitter and was thrilled when he replied to one of the messages I sent him yesterday ! when I told John he just rolled his eyes, he does not get Twitter at all , I follow loads of people including Philip Schofield, Gok Wan,Eddie Izzard and Davina Mcall, Kirsty Allsop and Donny Osmond to name but a few and I have to check Twitter all through the day ! Alan Carr’s tweets are so funny!

Here are a few cards I made,some using the Sugar Nellie stamps that I love.

Hope you like them

Dawn x


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