My blog re-launch


Hi after a long time away I have decided to try again and establish a decent blog and hope that my life is not as boring as I think it is and I will get some readers.

I am blogging from my caravan in Devon and John is working in the Midlands still, we are still house and job hunting here and I stay all week and John joins me on a Friday, I miss him and the family but I need to be here for my sanity if nothing else. I have my fur baby Alfie for company and he loves Devon too.

My doctor has put me on medication for my high blood pressure and I am also on Iron tablets too, I have lost a stone in weight by healthy eating and I plan to step up the exercise too.

I have not made too many cards but will post some pictures of the ones I made in the last few months.

John and I had a lovely BBQ yesterday, I prepare everything and john cooks it was the first of many I hope!

I have been selling a few bits and bobs on e-bay and all but twi Items I listed sold , I am de-cluttering the house as when we do move I just was to pack and not have to go through everything. I am amazed at just how much stuff we have and what we need or even use, I am a bit of a gadget freak and love to have the latest in think for the kitchen and it gets used once and put away, a coffee maker, a bread maker,a Juicer,a grill/sandwich press and even a fondue!

The weather here in Devon is glorious and Alfie and I went on a lovely walk this morning and will take him on another little ramble this afternoon, he is quite content now lying on my lap as I typing!

So I hope to continue to blog and find some interesting stuff to fill my blog.

I will be back   Dawn


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