This week I…


This week I

Went out with the family 16 of us to celebrate my Mum’s 70th Birthday we all had a great time

Finished wrapping all my gifts

Finished all my cards and sorted them into families

Posted cards that had to be posted

Bathed the dog

Went to town with John got a new rug for the living room and we had a nice pub lunch

Went out to lunch with Karen and Jan

Finshed my food plan for over Christmas, made a list and started buying bits and bobs ( non perishables)

Got my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary card and gift ( for 2nd Jan)

Mum and Dad are coming here for New Years day Lunch and then the family are taking them out on 2nd for thier Anniversary

Made plans for places to go and things to do in December (craft market, carol concert, drinks with friends etc)

Got the decorations out of the loft and decided which ones I want to put out this year

Had the  brass door knocker stolen from off the front door !!!! I need another one so I can hang my wreath on it!!!

Read Anthea Turner’s Perfect Christmas and Nigella Lawson’s Christmas for ideas and inspiration

Got some new photo frames for the lounge and need to sort out the photos to put in them I got 3 with 3 spaces for pics in each, they were a bargain from Wilkinsons just £5 each and so nice

I think I got a lot done and am quite pleased



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