Swine Flu


I have been having a bit of a lazy weekend as I have swine flu and have been given Tami flu

Tami Flu

I have been using a load of tisssues


I did manage to cook a lovely Sunday lunch, well I just put it all in the oven and steamer but it was good, John offered but he is a terrible cook and takes him forever and anyway I feel 95% better.

Roast chicken for lunch

Then after lunch I lay on the sofa whilst John was doing some DIY in the utility room.

I watched a lot of Christmas movies over the weekend

Deck the halls

Christmas with the kranks

A TV Movie, Chasing Christmas

and all the Santa Clause movies

I love Tim Allen he is so funny and Martin Short as jack frost was very good.

I drank this:

Yummy Mochacinno

and I ate these;

malteesers !

My 5 days ends Monday evening and should be ok Tuesday to go back out inot the world! I am sooo bored! the first few days I could do nothing as I was so ill but apart from a cold and a few aches and pains I think I am on the mend.

Be back soon  Dawn x


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