November already?


I am firstly going to say it has been ages since I have blogged and but I did not realise just how long. lots have been happening since we came back  from Menorca in September, my Mum has been ill and once again has been up and down the hospital, she has had a stroke, about 6 epeleptic fits and now has been told she has a hole in her heart, she is 70 on the 25th of this month.

My Dad has been ill too, John has had Shingles and has been in agony and I have now got swine flu, I was so achey yesterday but not too bad today, I am in quarantine until Monday and have Tami flu medication. I have had to cancel my pre -med at the hospital and re- arranged it for the 27th and my operation (dental)  is on the 1st of December. I have my Mum’s Birthday meal on the 28th of this month and hope everyone will be fit and well for it. My Niece has swine flu and a very bad chest infection and has just had phunomia and her chest wall have been damaged. Fingers crossed!

Anyway I am back now and I am determined to keep this blog going and get some people to actually read it! and enjoy it.

I have been busy Christmas shopping and today I made  a start on a few little gifts for my quiz team mates, we go to a fun quiz and we are so thick and have such a laugh! we are called the Bimbo’s but we do win or come in the top three on occassion, anyway I am making them Snowman soup and found a nice poem to explain the gift.

I will post pictures when they are done, they will be so cute and the girls will love them.

I have also finished all my wrapping, thank goodness, I set up a wrapping station in the office and over a few days managed to get it all done.There is only the food and a few treats to sort out.

Here are a few pictures of our holiday and stuff.


I love watching Queer eye for the straight guy ( 5 gay men sort out a straight guy’s home, clothes, hair,skin care etc) my fave Queer guy ( their words not mine) is Kyan he is scrummy , what a waste!!!!

Be back soon….honest



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