Going away on Wednesday


We fly to Menorca on Wednesday and I can’t wait! I have evrything ready to go in my case John will pack tommorow afternoon. I have been cleaning the house and getting all the washing and ironiong done , just finished!!!! I was going to book a pedicure but my feet are not that bad so I will re do my toe nails tommorow.

I have ben trying to use the food in the fridge this week as I do not want to shop till we come back. We had a carvery lunch out yesterday as went to the shopping centre to get Euros and the last bits and pieces we needed.

We are going for a week and when we come back we are going down to our caravan and we have found some new builds we want to go and have a look at when we are there, I hope they are what we looking for and can afford! They will still be building up to summer 2010 , I have a good feeling about these houses. I just hope John can find a decent job, he is planning to work up here three days a week if we have to move before he has work in Devon. I think we can manage that for the short term.

I have been watching Hugh Fernley Whittingstall’s Tv programme and have enjoyed it very much, I love to cook and want to make as many meals from scratch , the rubbish in those ready meals and the cost!!! I know I can eat healthier and cheaper too.

So I will be back in a week  Dawn x


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