Holiday countdown


We are off to Menorca on Wednesday for a week, we spilt two weeks this year and had a week in Tenerife in June. We are renting a little villa just the two of us andI can’t wait to lie by the pool feel the sun on my face a read a good book. we have been to Menorca about ten times, we love the peace the prettiness and if we want it the hustle and bustle of the town in the evening, we hire a car at the airport and love finding new places ,some are stumbled upon when we get lost,   take the scenic route! but who cares we are on holiday.

I fell down the stairs this week just half way, and have been left with a pain between my shoulder blades I hope it is gone for next week.

This week I

Went to the doctors

Took the dog to the vets for his anual booster

sorted out the loft and decided to go to the local bootsale ( its massive)

Did a car boot sale on Sunday, got up at 4.45 got there for 5.45  which was a total waste of time as I only made £28, far too many stalls and too many greedy people, I was selling a really nice scarf for 50p and the lady offered me 30p , she did not get the scarf ! yes I know it is a boot sale but come on I would rather give it away, in the end all my stuff went top the charity shop, I was not taking it home.

Went to a presentation  on Monday at a pub who collects money for us  ( Down syndrome support group) by putting on events and  we got a cheque for £2,000 which was amazing. we had a nice day and had lunch there I only had a main course and skipped the fudge cake, I had made some chocoloate fudge cupcakes and knew I would be having one when I got home , I felt very good about that .

kept up with all of my washing ironing etc

I am trying really hard on my healthy eating but failed in the exercise department again!

Apart from my shoulder injury from my fall I feel ok, I am going back to see my GP when I get back from Menorca to discuss my partial Hysterectomy, I hope to get it done befre Christmas.

I made a few more cards but to be honest need to get cracking on the Christmas cards.

I have a few gifts and will hit the shops in a few weeks and hope to get it all done and wrapped by the end of November.

I am still trying to think of a really good gift for my Mum’s 70th in November and my Mum and Dad’s Golden wedding Anniversary in January, I have no clue, I rang my Sister and she had no idea either.

the weather here is nasty, very blustery and we are expecting more showers, i got up this morning and was cold, here comes Autumn!

Have a nice day    Dawn x


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