Slimming World


I am following the Slimming World Plan, I lost weight with it a few times but sadly stopped following it and put the weight on then some! I have a lot of weight to loose and know with this plan I will never be hungry and love trying all the recipes out. I am not going to class ( credit crunch) but have all the books etc and get new recipes and ideas online, I am only going to weigh myself a few times a month as I find it so frustrating when io have been so good and only losde 1/2 lb !

I hope to post pictures and recipes on my blog too. I am looking for other blogs and can’t wait to see what others are cooking etc . If you are following to plan please give me a link to your blog .

the weather is rubbish here again today I hope it picks up soon as I want to do a bootsale on Sunday, get rid of some clutter and make a bit of money to get some carft goodies!

Been busy in the craft room amking invites and cards, when I get back from Menorca I will make a start on my Christmas crafting.

Have a nice day   x Dawn


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