Craft on QVC


I am watching QVC Christmas crafting and need to get a move on if I want to make my Cards and have them all ready to send out in December. I am so behind this year, John and I had a terrible year last year and nearly seperated but we both decided we could not throw 31 years away , we love each other deeply and could not live without each other. it is a long story and I won’t bore you with the details but we are so happy to be together and even though it is hard at times we are determined to work together and be together forever.We are going to have a lovely Christmas and have lots of things planned for just me and him.

I have been busy busy busy! I have made cards for Birthdays, bought Birthday presents and wrapped them, I made pink glitter cupcakes for a 1st Birthday and toasted coconut cupcakes for me! well not all for me but I did eat 2! I have been sorting out my stuff and have boxes for the bootsale we intend to do Sunday I am about to check the weather I do hope we can do one as I need to get rid of stuff taking up storage space and some stuff put in the loft .

I put a compost bin of Freecycle ( I love Freecycle it is such a brilliant way to get rid of stuff) and had a reply within minutes so that is going on Friday! we are not gardeners and it was sitting next to the shed at the top of the garden and I hated it.  

We are decorating our house and we hope to get it on the market maybe February we still have lots to do but as long as it is done by the end of November I will be ok., if not John will be in trouble !  We are going to Menorca in September and can’t wait we are renting a small villa , we go there every year and have been for the last ten years, we spilt our holidays into two weeks this year we went to Tenerife in June, we have Alfie ( my Cavalier) and he stays with my parents , we could not go away if they did not look after him.

I have some ironing and washing to put away and general housework to do a bit later, not very exciting!

I have not done much in the way of exercise and I did eat two cupcakes yesterday, yum! In general I have tried to eat healthier but am struggling with the water.

The herbs I am growing in my kitchen are thriving ( don’t know how?) and I am enjoying using the Basil and Tymne the most, I am so pleased with them and they look so pretty too. I am drying some pepper seeds for my Dad to grow for me in his greenhouse, he had a lovely crop of Strawberries this year so big, sweet and juicy.I have not got green fingers so rely on my Dad for fresh lettuces etc every week.

Better go and get some Breakfast and start my house work, have a nice day.

look at the veiw from our plane- another plane!

look at the veiw from our plane- another plane!

Dawn x


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