A rainy Wednesday morning


Well here in the Midlands it is raining again, it’s August and it is awful, I feel so sorry for Mum’s with children stuck indoors on these horrible wet days, when I was was young summer used to be summer and we went out after breakfast ( safe then) and came back starving at tea time, we had great adventures and it was always sunny!


When John comes home tonight we are going to The Merry Hill Centre, a big shopping mall not too far away from where we live, I brought a bag in january and the rivet from the handle broke and so it  has been sent away to be mended and they rand me last night to say it was ready. John likes shopping which is very rare in a man I find, he likes clothes but has a thing for watches and collects Fossil watches and Police watches. He is t-shirt mad too and where ever we go on holiday he comes back with a watch and a  a t-shirt or two, I can’t complain as I come back with shoes and bags!

Merry Hill

Merry Hill

I got these 2 bags from Debenhams years ago in the sale they were £35 each and I got the pink and the blue, I have used the blue one twice and never used the pink one, I think it will be going on e-bay. I do love the style but the are not that practical, another impulse buy!

Blue Jasper Conran bag

Blue Jasper Conran bag

Pink Jasper Conran bag

Pink Jasper Conran bag these are not my pics I borrowed them from e-bay!

 Whenever I go into Debenhams I spend quite a while in the homewares department and love to go and look at the one thing I put on my Christmas list every year but never get  a Kitchenaid mixer £400!

kitchenaid mixer

kitchenaid mixer

I can’t really justify spending all that money but it is lovely

I have been looking for new bedding and like this also Debenhams
Bedding I like

Bedding I like

I shall have a good look around before deciding but they do have a sale on bedding at the moment
I am looking for a nice dress and like this one from Rocher John Rocher I think it is pretty
Pretty dress

Pretty dress

 I will probably just window shop as we are going away  to Menorca in a villa in a few weeks and spent quite a bit going to Tenerife as it was a 5 star hotel but you never know it may be in the blue cross sale when we get back.

Healthy eating

I have made a positive on the eating part of my weight loss plan but have not started my exercises yet as I was unwell, I got my Pilates machine out and watched the DVD that came with it and saturday I shall start the begginners routine. I am also making an effort to swim once a week and do an aqau class once a week too I am getting a timetable from m local baths and will find out the classes that suit me. I am finding it hard to drink more water I do not like plain water and have to put some kind of cordial into it, I will buy a small bottle of water if I am out and about and sip that but struggle to be honest.

Have a nice day

Dawn x






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