Ok enough is enough!


I have been sitting crying half the day and yet again the reason is that I am so overweight and unhappy , I have struggled with my weight since I had my boys I had 3 C-sections and I stopped smoking when I got pregnant with my first baby too. I do not exercise and eat lots of fattening foods and know I can lose weight. I have been a yo-yo dieter for 25 years but enough is enough!

My poor hubby John is so supportive of me and has got me every piece of exercise equiptment we could afford ,the latest being a Pilates machine which he got when I watched numerous QVC demonstrations, I am ashamed to say that I have had it for months and it still stis in the office/workroom not touched!

So I have decided today that I am going to do what I know works, cut out the rubbish and get off my bum!

I walked three times a week last year and the weight dropped off and then I stopped and every pound and some went back on! I know it can be done , I have joined more slimming classes than I care to remember and could open my own slimming class so i know what to to, I lost a lot of weight with Slimming world and you would not even think I was on a diet if you saw what I ate.

So here goes , from tommorow I am going to keep a food and exercise diary I am going away in March next year for our Wedding Anniversary and have a lovely dress that I got a few years ago and never ever wore and now is far too tight, I want to wear that dress and know I will feel I have acheived my goal when I can wear it.

So time to stop crying and feel sorry for myself and think positive!……please watch this space

Dawn x


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