It’s my Birthday today!!!!


It is my Birthday today! ( 48) so far its been wonderful, I have had lots of cards and nice gifts, I had money and flowers from my parents , A fancy mug and cook book and posh choccies from my Sister, A boots gift card, money, a making memories slice ( digital shape cutter for card making) boots, and a new coat for autumn from my Darling husband, he brought me coffee in bed befoe he went to work and we are going out for a nice meal this evening and the cinema on Sunday. My youngest Son got me a bouquet of flowers and a big gift bag full of candles/tart burner/josh sticks and burner/oils and even more jar candles in Vanilla he also got the cutest little cube candles that spell out Happy Birthdayand a candle in the shape of a bunny (???), My Middle Son got me some body sprays and a bowl with assorted balls in for the lounge. My friend lynne got me a pedicure in a box ( a massive box with loads of footcare products ), just what these old tootsies need! that is it so far, more to come and pics later.
The sun is shinning here too.
John got stung by a wasp yesterday and his arm was very swollen he is so stubborn and just put some cream on it has gone down now thank goodness. yesterday we had swarms of flying ants! they were around for half the day and thank goodness thay have now gone, I am scared of all winged things!
I am having a light lunch today as I intend to induldge this evening and plan to have a lie in tommorow, I say that but I always hear John getting up and pottering about before work and in the end I get up.

Will post pics later
I hope everyone has a good day
Dawn X


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