Poached an idea for a blog


I was reading What’s happening at my house’s blog and she listed things she had achieved during the week and I was amazed at how many tasks she had actually done. She said it was an alternative to the To do list and I liked the idea very much, sometimes we think of the things we need to do and it can be quite daunting.

So here is my “what I did this week” list: This week I

Made lots of cards for a charity even to raise fund for our Charty group supporting Down syndrome
Met a couple of friends for lunch
Sorted out my wardrobe and got a black sack full for the charity shop
Brought 2 pairs of trousers, 3 tops and a cardigan to add to my Autumn wardrobe
Cooked every day so no take aways this week
Started my Christmas journal adding all of my lists ( gifts, cards,menus,events etc)
Hemmed 2 pairs of trousers that had been waiting to be mended for ages
Sewed a button on my sons working trousers , he had asked me twice
Started to re -organise my documents and backed up some files
Brought 2 Birthday presents for weekend Birthdays
Bathed one smelly dog!
Continued job and house hunting
Read a lot of blogs , had to catch up on quite a few
Wore my reading glasses EVERY TIME I went on the PC a habit I have got better at doing, less headaches.
Cried when my Sister called to say she had to have her beloved dog Molly who was nearly 16 put to sleep, she had got over Lukemia but had crippling Atheritis and was deaf and she could not walk anymore.

Dawn X


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