I am sooo busy and should not be on the computer at all but I thought I could take a little break and catch up. The Tamiflu treatment for my son and his family seems to be working they are all feeling much better thank goodness.

Yesterday I got up early and made a Lancashire hot pot , old fashioned yes but it is one of John’s favourite meals and since I was going out for lunch with friends I thought I would make it and I would just warm it up when I got back in.I went out about twelve with my Friend Karen and her two daughters and we met up with another friend Jan and her little boy Josh, we went to a pub in town for lunch and a drink and a chat, I had a BBQ chicken wrap, curly fries and salad and a glass of White Zynfandel. We then went a wander around the shops , I got a new journal to use as my christmas planner, I have a palm pilot I use for lists etc and keep a copy in the jornal. I went home and John was already there, my parcel had arrived which contained 2 pairs trousers,3 tops a black long length cardigan and a pair of black boots I thought as we have had nasty weather that once we come back from Menorca it will be nearly Autum, tried everything on but the boots have to go back, I am a 6 but the were cripplingly tight so I will get a 7.

We had the hotpot I made earlier and it was as always delicious and I cleaned up. I then went upstaits to put away my new clothes and tidy my wardrobe in the end I decided to empty the wardrobes and sort through the stuff and ended up with a bin bag full for the charity shop.

I saw a TV Programme which was very touching called How the other half live about well off families sponsering poor families in this country and it was very good. I then decided I would have an early night and wtach TV in bed with a glass of wine.

Today I cleaned the kitchen and lounge floors and did some ironing, I have to sew a button on my sons work trousers and I thought while I have the sewing box out I would mend the hems on 2 pairs of my trousers that were just sitting in my wardrobe waiting for me to get round to mending them. I then have to sort out my craft room I have been so busy cardmaking I have not had chance to give it a good tidy, I put something in there this morning and it looked a mess , I do tidy as I work but I got bits and bobs out of the cupboard and there are things on my work table that could have easily been put away so I decided to give it a good tidy up after lunch today.

Lunch will be nothing very exciting perhaps soup and a sandwich, I am cooking a curry tonight, just a cook in sauce one a Lloyd Grossman Tikka Masalla with basmati rice and garlic and corrinader naan bread..YUM ,then after eating it is back in the workroom ( which will be nice and tidy) to make more cards for the fundraiser on Sunday.I hope it stays dry as we are setting up tables outside.

I want to go and see the new Gerard Butler( very sexy) movie called The ย Ugly Truth so I hope I can talk John into going sometime next week. I loved him in P.S I Love You. I am going to see The proposal with my friend Karen when we get round to it. we have different scheduals and she has 2 small children ( she has a new partner after her divorce and has a 21 year old an 18 year old a 4 year old and a 2 year old!!! mad…YES!) so although we mange lunch every Thursday and fundraising ( her 2 year old has down syndrome) which we do in the day the evenings are more difficult for her.


I have to get started on getting my jobs done and will be reading my fave blogs later.

Dawn x


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