My 2 year old Grandaughter Summer has been diagnosed with swine flu and her Sister Grace who is 1 is showing symptons too, they were both on anti biotics as they had colds but yesterday Summer had a poorly tummy and a temperature of over 38 so the doctor has given her Tamiflu, we had to drive to the other end of town to get it as no one by us has it in stock. Grace has not got a temerature so he has not changed her medication. I hope they get better soon. They are in quarantine in the house now. My Son just rang and she is asleep now and her temperature is now just under 38.

I am cooking Jamie Oliver’s Lemon and Thyme chicken for lunch with all the trimmings, we managed to have a BBQ last night as the weather was good , John cooked we had lamb chops, fresh burgers, chicken,sweetcorn and parcels ( onions,peppers,mushrooms and tomatoes cooked in a foil parcel with a knob of butter and seasoning and put on the barbie), salad and garlic bread, washed down with beer for John and Merlot for me, alas the good weather did not last and we have rain here again today.

I am cardmaking again this afternoon as I want to get as many done as I can as it is the fundraiser next Sunday.

I hope it is ok tea time as Alfie needs a walk, he is a wuss and does not like the rain!

I will catch up on reading all of my blogs tonight whilst watching TV if there is anything decent on.

Catch you all later
Dawn x


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