Some facts about me….yawn…


I thought I would share some facts about me, nothing amazing just everyday stuff…here goes

1. Fave drinkhot drink – coffee / hot chocolate , cold drink – Diet Coke booze – Bacardi and Diet Coke, Cosmoplitan, White Zynfandel, some red wines

2. Fave food – home cooked – Roast beef and all the trimmings ( although I say so myself I cook a  mouth wateringly good roast) followed by lemon tart eating out – Indian

3.Fave icecream – Cookie dough

4. Food dislikes – dark green cabbage / offal

5. Hobbies – cardmaking, internet , reading ,cooking

6. Fave TV – Sex in the City, Mistresses, Ghost Hunters, Gavin and Stacey, cooking shows,

7. Fave movies – Any romantic comedy

8. Pets – Alfie a two year old king Charles Cavalier, he is as daft as a brush and so loveable

9. Home – 3 bedroomed semi detached – most weekends our little caravan in dawlish in South Devon

10. Away – Love Menorca been 10 times! Cyprus and Tenerife, shopping trips in Belgium and France

11. Bad habits – spending too much on crafts, nail biting

12. Pet hate – lots, but the top one is people spitting in the street ( it makes me gag just thinking about it)

More to come later hope it’s not too boring

Dawn x


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