This is the veiw from the Villa we rent in Menorca we are going in September

This is the veiw from the Villa we rent in Menorca we are going in September


I was at the hospital yesterday to see the dental surgeon, I have to have dental work done and it involves cutting my gum in two places and it will need stitches, my dentist referred me to the hospital as I will have a general anesthetic ( my choice as they will not give me a local) I am a nervous patient and have a massive needle and dentist phobia and I am terrified!  I got to the hospital and there were long delays I sat in the waiting room for nearly two hours then had to go to x-ray so all in all I was in there about two and a half hours, when I got in the surgoen looked at my x-ray and discussed the treatmet and I was in there about ten minutes!!!!  at least I am getting sorted now after numerous infections and an two abcesses.

The weather again is awful and we can’t plan anything outdoors.

Today I

Ate – Toast and strawberry jam for breakfast, too busy for lunch so I just had a packet of french fries and an orange and tonight we are having a chinese ( not had one for ages) so It will be a beef chow mein for me I think.

Drank – Coffee ( no surprise there!) and no added sugar Vimto!!!! I am going to open a bottle of wine tonight and will have two glasses ( Merlot…yum)

Jobs done – Made the bed and tidied the bedroom, swished round the bathroom,did three loads of washing ( its raining!) swept and mopped all downstairs rooms did some paperwork and paid some bills

Exercise –  I am ashamed to say none!!! I have a new pilates machine and still have not used it …I will

Read – The last two chapters of my book The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy by Polly Willaims, it was a good read.I am going to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, They are making a movie based on the book and will go and see it, I hope they do a good job

Money saving – Just reduced my cable package and saved £10.50 a month, I have been looking for a better deal for breakdown cover and travel insurance .I am not working at the moment and John had hardly any work from November – May and we ate into the bit of savings we had, he is self employed and thankfuly he has work lined up till Christmas.

I am keeping my eye on the weather forecast for this weekend as I want a BBQ , I am food shopping tommorow and am going to write my shopping list now I just need to check what is in the freezer.

Dawn x


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