Rain rain go away


I just can’t believe this weather, I had planned to BBQ on Sunday but they way the weather is that won’t be happening.

The weather spoilt lots of our plans including a day out in Stratford upon Avon with a picnic by the river, lots of walks with the dog in nice places, sunbathing in the garden reading a good book and entertaining family and friends round the fire pit on a summer’s evening with some nice food and wine.

I have loads of washing to dry and some of it is now on a clothes horse in the kitchen, I hate having the clothes horse out but I hate drying in the drier, some clothes are not suitable to tumble dry and ity costs a lot to have the drier running all day.

Today I

Tasks done so far ;

Cleaned the oven….yuk … made a proper mess , I use a paste made with bicarb and water it is harmless and odourless but it’s messy.

Sorted out my PDA , editing addresses and numbers and getting rid of things I no longer need

I am a list person I find it so satisfying to cross off the items on my lists…

I put new documents into my PDA they were Christmas gift list, Christmas card lists, Christmas menus, food/drinks list, non food shopping list,they are not all filled in but I made a start.

Did 3 loads of washing and am mad because it is now sitting on the clothes horse in my kitchen

Ate – Breakfast was water melon ( trying to eat healthier) Lunch was thinly sliced cheddar on low fat cracker bread and sliced cherry tomates. I am making a BBQ chicken and vegetable pizza for tonight, I buy bases and make my own toppings.

Drank – Coffee / diet coke    I need to drink water but struggle with it

Exercise – does dancing along to Take That whilst sweeping the kitchen floor count?

Read – blogs and facebook messages

To domake pizza for tonight, get my Son’s food ready to take to work, he works from 5 pm- early hours , he is a fork lift driver at a local logistics company

Make more cards for fundraiser

Use my new Pilates machine had it for 3 months and still not got to grips with it

I hope the weather improves this week and we can all enjoy lovely sunny days

Dawn x


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