Monday and it’s sunny!!!!


My kitchen and living room still need finishing touches before we tackle the utility room, we had a damp problem and had to knock all the plaster off the down stairs room right to the bricks and have a new damp course, the mess was terrible and I think my blood pressure went through the roof, we are getting there very ….very slowly!

I added a  few pics of my kitchen to this post, I love to cook , it is small it is my 2nd favourite room in the house, my bedroom being the first.

Today I,

Ate – Toast for breakfast with honey

Drank – Coffee of course! ( John made me one at 7.30 he makes me a coffee every morning before he sets off for the day)

To dohang out laundrytidy the utilty roomcolour my hair ( grey bits showing!) – make lots of cards for charity eventprepare and cook meal for this evening even though I have not got a clue what to do yet ( did not do a meal plan this week as I was ill last week)  Do a meal plan for this weeeks meals–  Walk Alfie

It looks as though we are in for a spot of sunshine for a change, I hope it lasts I want a BBQ this weekend. John is a driver and he has deliveries in Gloustershire today. He actally wore his sunglassses today so it must be sunny!

Better get that washing on the line.

hope you like the pics


     I grew this basil!


and this tyme

kitchen a

my kitchen

kitchen c


my cook books

My cook books

wine rack

My wine rack a bargain got it when the Pier closed down those 2 bottles of Merlot look a bit lost!

dining table

dining area


be back soon

Dawn x


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