My very first post


John and Me Well where to start ? I am looking forward to rambling on about me and my life and wonder if anyone cares to read my posts!  I enjoy reading about other peoples lives but they all seem so interesting compared to mine! I will post pictures too once I get the hang of things.

Today I ….

Watched /listened to – The Barefoot Contessa on the food network, I love her recipes and am in love with her home in the Hamptons!

Went to  – Ikea to stock up on candles,and tea towels, I  also got a new cafetiere and some Martini glasses

Drank – Coffee , I am afraid I have a coffee addiction! I love Starbucks  I also drank diet coke even though I keep promising myself I would lay off the coke and drink more water.

Ate– Chicken fajitas cooked by me  followed by Lemon tart , not cooked by me

Read – I have not read anything today unless catching up with my favourite blogs count as I did read quite a few posts

Exercise – Does walking round Ikea count?

Spoke on the phone to – My Mum

Made – 2 boards  for a name the teddy and monkey  for a fundraising day I am helping with, it is for a group I am co founder of called F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Wolverhampton), Families, Raising, Inspiring, Educating, Nurturing Down syndrome. My dear friend Karen had a Daughter Abigail 2 years ago, who has Down’s and we started a support group in our area and have a group meeting once a month, the group had quite a few members now and going from strength to strength.

I am a cardmaker and have to make lots of cards for our event so I will be shutting myself in my office/workroom for the next few weeks, I sell my cards to raise money for our group and hope to make quite a bit from my cards.

We ( John and me) went to Tenerife in june for a week and left Alfie ( My 2 year old cavalier) with my parents, they are kind enogh to be looking after him in september when we go to Menorca too. We love Menorca it is such a pretty Island.  My Mom is 70 in November and my Mom and Dad will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in January, I am scouring the internet for gifts and I am finding it so hard!




2 thoughts on “My very first post

  1. whatshappeningatmyhouse

    Hi Dawn, and welcome to the world of blogging. It is very addictive, as I’m sure you’ll find.

    In WordPress, you can add a new page from your dashboard (links on the left), and list your favourite blogs on there. If you need more help, let me know, and I’ll try and explain more clearly.

    Most of my favourite blogs are written by people just like us, with ordinary, everyday lives. I’m sure you’ll get lots of readers!

    Caroline xx


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