Big changes …it’s been a while. ¬†


Hi and thanks for checking in. It’s been a long time since I have blogged. My family and I have have had some issues to deal with and I can’t go into that here as it’s far too personal but we are all OK and we has some changes in out lives  . I have lost my dog our beloved  Alfie passed away on the 7th April in his sleep.  He had shown no sign of illness he had a restless night and when he went to sleep he went in the early hours . We were sad and shocked and I will never forget him. My Son and his Daughter have a new home not too far away and it means it’s just John and I now.  I have been really lonely as a John works long days and I missed my little companion. I had no intention of getting another dog jut I was browsing and I saw a breeder not too far away and so we decided to go and see a little puppy and we fell in love.  I couldn’t have another cavvie Archie our Puppy is a Chiuaua he is just the cutest and we collect him on the 7th July . We have visited him recently and he has grown a little and is eating and playing and when we get him he will be ten weeks old. He will be microchipped and will have his first vaccination which he has hisb2nd when he is 12 weeks . We can’t wait to get him .I felt guilty for wanting another little dog but he will help me heal and he will have a loving forever home. We have arranged a few days out with Archie to get him used to going out and being social . We have a holiday to Devon to look forward to in September and we are also looking for our park home . We have been looking online for ideas of sites and what’s on offer so we will be going to look then. We have decided on a park home as we can’t afford much as the property prices are a lot more there.  We want to bank some money and John wants to work just 3 to 4 days and we love park homes . 

I have been in and out of the doctors as I have tinnitus and  vertigo and am waiting for a hospital appointment for tests.  

I have really bad insomnia and some nights I get just three and a half hours . Saying that I forced myself to go to bed at ten and I had eight hours sleep some of that was broken sleep but eight hours is unheard of for me 

Isn’t Archie adorable?

Can’t wait to pick him up.  

Dawn x 



I struggle with breakfast as some days I will have a really good breakfast and some days I will just have coffee and then by 11 am I am ravenous.  Today I made a Weight Watchers smart points omelette.  I used 2 eggs 4sp 1 rasher of bacon 1 sp mushrooms 0 sp 2 chopped spring onions 0 sp and 1 tbsp parmesan cheese 2 sp plus salt and black pepper.  It was lovely and I hadn’t had an omelette for a while.  Well worth the 9 smart points. 

What did you have for breakfast today ?

X Dawn 

World book day quick pic 


My Grandaughter Emily lives with us and she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear for World Book Day,she is eleven and she is picky. So I made her some ears and a tail,she is dressed in all black and is Wilbur the Worst Witch’s Cat . She is pleased and it cost nothing as it was card from my craft stash. Here is a pic of her before she went to school today. 

X Dawn 

Five for Friday 


Here are five things I love that I have in my home. 

1. My photo gallery 

2. My coffee table . It has a painted metal house tea light holder and a tray I got from Asda with one of my domes (I use them a lot in my home ) and inside is a ceramic owl. A Yankee Candle tea light jar and a Yankee Candle small jar with saucer and shade. 

3. My painted wooden candlesticks and lantern.

4. My mantle clock. John gave it to me for our 15th Wedding Anniversary and it was brown but I painted it white .

5. My late Grandmother’s tea set . I have the tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug on a shelf in my kitchen and some of the cups displayed in one of my domes. I love the flowers . I remember it was in my Grandmother’s china cabinet and it was never used.

X Dawn  


Tablescape ideas for Spring


I love cooking for my family and friends and I enjoy coffee mornings,afternoon teas and my favourite being Sunday lunch. The table be it in your living dining room or kitchen is where we get time with friends and family and I love to make it look pretty and I do like to change the decor according to the season. After the reds,greens and golds of my Christmas and New Year decor I was looking for inspiration for the coming few months.

Sometimes I will use a tablecloth or table runner as a starting point and then use different colours and textures to create a pretty tablescape.

Flowers are so important in brightening rooms and small clusters of arrangements look really pretty in any style of room, you can use lots of different things to display flowers,tea cups,mason jars,and I love putting single stems in tiny vases. You can use succulents too for a stunning display.

There are a lot of pinks and greens around and they are perfect for bringing Spring into our homes. You can find some great ideas online and I have found some really pretty tablescape ideas online.Pastel China,green and pink napkins ,tablecloths and pretty china and glass all help to create a beautiful table for any occasion . 

I love white china but there are so many spring inspired china in the shops now and the plain coloured china can be mixed with white for a splash of colour. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a pretty tablescape,you can decorate glass jars with ribbon and add flowers or get fake succulents from the pound shop and decorate the pot,you can put a rose into a tea cup,have a look around the home and let your creative juices flow. I hope you enjoyed this blog. I was inspired to write a blog about tablescape’s by Arhaus please check out their dining room collection here.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

X Dawn

Five for Friday 


Five guilty pleasures, maybe not guilty but defiantly pleasurable!

1.Eating my favourite icecream sitting in my cosy bed watching a rom com.

2. Dipping a freddo frog chocolate bar into my coffee (please don’t judge me )

3. Lying in a steaming hot bubble bath listening to Enya songs. ..I could stay there all day.

4. After a shower I try to stay in my pj’s for as long as possible even if I am planning to go out I won’t get dressed until the last moment. .I love my pj’s

5. Making cookie dough just to eat the cookie dough (again please ¬†don’t judge me ) I make a good chocolate chip cookie dough and roll it into a sausage and chill it . I then slice the dough and actually make cookies but the last 2 inches of dough has to be kept raw just so I can break little pieces off to nibble …it is yummy I promise you .

What are your five?  Be honest!

X Dawn

Happy Valentine’s Day


If you are staying in and want a romantic movie to watch here are a few recommendations.  I have hundreds of movies I could recommend but these are just perfect for today.  The oldies are brilliant if you have seen them you should see them.


Whatever you are doing areally doing have a great night.

X Dawn