I love my cute little bag

It was my Birthday last week and one of my gifts from my Husband John was a Jasper Conran black handbag.  It has a centre zipped compartment and 2 outer compartments  and it can be worn over the shoulder and tucks in perfectly so you have both hands free if needed which is ideal for shopping . It is pretty enough to use as a bag for going out in the evening to the pub or a meal etc. I love it !

I have been trying to get into a normal routine since coming back from my holiday and I have had my Grandchildren on and off as they are still on their school holiday, they have six weeks off and they go back in September.  I am having a healthy breakfast and lunch but am struggling with evening meals as I have kids here for meals sometimes John is late . I am trying to get more organised and stick to my meal plan. I shop on Friday evening when John finishes work and after we have eaten as we could be shopping at eight or nine, as I and my meal plan starts on Saturdays. 

I have decided to change my eating plan and not follow slimming world as I have followed it on and off for years and have yo-yo dieted using this plan. I have loaded my fitness pal onto my phone where it tracks calories,water intake and exercise . You can pop a food in your food diary on the app  and it works out the calories for you and you can store meals and tracks calories used and how many you have left for the day. You can connect with other users and access hundreds of recipes, hints and tips.  I really like the look of the app so I am giving it a go. I love cooking so will do a weekly meals update on Saturday mornings. Since coming back from my holiday on the 16th of July I have managed to lose 3.5lb ..not that great but a loss is a loss. I have managed no exercise and I really need to start my exercise routine and schedule it into my day. I have not excuse apart from laziness on my part. I hate the gym but do like walking and swimming and planned to go at least once a week and I have not yet been to the pool …hangs head in shame. I logged onto the NHS website and have a very high bmi and after logging my weight ,height and activity level into the calculator and have 1,500 calories per day and have a lot to lose but I knew that obviously . When I logged onto my fitness pal and did the same it came up with 1,400 calories. So I figure if I try my best to stick to the 1,400 per day I should be OK.  If I so go over a few calories it won’t be that bad as I can go up to 1,500.  Any advice or dinner recipes etc would be great. I am not going to be following any  fad diets or having shakes or pill etc I am doing low calorie and exercise as it is a new lifestyle and I have to be able to follow it for a very long time.  I do take a multi vitamin and my medication for high blood pressure due to my weight but I have known people be taken off this medication once they get to a healthier weight.Here goes…. (another diet I hear you say. ..no not a diet a new way of thinking  and a new lifestyle). Meal plan and exercise is plan coming soon. 

X Dawn 

I have lost…

We got back from Tenerife  on the 16th of July and had a few bumps in the road healthy eating wise but I weighed on Monday and am 3.5lb down.  I have done some walking but as I have had Grandchildren stay over for a week I have my had chance to sort my exercise routine yet. 

I am pleased with the loss and haven’t starved myself at all and am looking forward to trying some new recipes. 

X Dawn 

My go to lunches 

Sometimes I am guilty of skipping lunch and then end up snacking on junk until my evening meal. If I am out and about and don’t have time to go and sit down and eat lunch I will pop into Greggs for one of their salad boxes,one of my favourite is the Falafel and cous cous with rocket, tomatoes and peppers and a little tub of humus and little tub of yogurt and mint. I really like this and create it at home too. 

I love making soup and an easy one is my roasted red pepper, tomato and red onion soup. It is easy and filling . I love dippy /picky food and a quick and easy lunch or snack is humus with thin crackers and carrot sticks.  I also like making tortilla’s which are great to use up those odds and ends in the fridge I like it cold with salad. When I am cooking new potatoes I always cook more than I need so I have a few to slice up and add to my tortilla with eggs,mushrooms,peppers,feta cheese or cheddar, I also add spring onion and any other bits I have in the fridge. It is perfect for a summer lunch and is very portable. 

What do you like for lunch?  

X Dawn 


My favourite good for you breakfast’s

I couldn’t skip breakfast and really don’t that often . I look forward to my breakfast and instead of a fry up or sugary cereals I am opting for healthier alternatives. 

Here are some of my favourites. 

1.Overnight oats. I love this in the summer. I soak overnight in the fridge (hence the name) oats layered with fat free Greek yogurt and berries,I use frozen berries as they defrost overnight. It is filling and low fat.

2.Breakfast muffins, these are really tasty and also portable so you can pack them in a lunch box.  They are really mini crustless quiches cooked in a muffin tin. You can put anything into your muffins I usually put cooked peppers,mushrooms,spring onions and then beaten eggs,a little cheese,salt and pepper and divide into muffin tins and bake. You can eat them hot or cold and the can be frozen too. 

3. Smoothie . I love a smoothie and once again it is portable. You can make any fruit and yogurt combo you like I use frozen or fresh berries, a zero percent fat free Greek yogurt,2 teaspoons of peanut butter and a splash of milk  and blitz. If you think this won’t be filling enough for you then you can add a handful of  oats. 

4.Avacado and poached egg on toast. This has replaced my not so healthy eggs benedict. I love avacado and this breakfast is easy and so tasty. 

5. Crackerbread, peanut butter and banana. I use a scraping of peanut butter on crackerbread top with sliced banana and sprinkle with cinnamon. I love peanut butter and I love the texture and taste of this yummy breakfast.  

What do you like for breakfast?  

X Dawn


Good afternoon.  I am not complaining about the 35 degrees of glorious sunshine at all but being overweight doesn’t help so I am literally melting. I have managed to dry all of my holiday washing which is great,not so great is the folding,ironing and putting away. I hope you have lovely weather.  It is warmer today here in the UK as it was in Tenerife.  I am currently out of the sun,fresh from the shower with my fan keeping myself and my dog Alfie cool. I didn’t sleep well last night because it was muggy. Alfie was panting all night and I gave him a large water bowl in my bedroom where his dog bed is at night. 

I am making a chicken and bacon pasta salad for this evening as I really don’t want much in this heat. This in the past has been my downfall because if I eat light I will be hungry at 10 pm so I have lots of fruit for snacking and sparkling water in the fridge. I allow myself a few glasses of diet Coke a day as I love the stuff ..I love it even more with vodka! I can have a drink if I want to as long as it is my syns allowance, some days it is nessasary and some days I would rather eat my syns not drink them. 

I hope you are having a lovely day. I am planning a long dog walk later this evening when it gets dark and cools down. 

Better get my laundry folded and go back outside as I don’t want to waste this sunshine! 

X Dawn 

Hiding in a kaftan 

This is really hard but here I am on holiday in 32 degrees and I am in a kaftan. Not a glamorous one that covers a swim suit but a long one with a camisole top underneath and three quarters length trousers. I liked the design and that’s it.  It is plus size . Tenerife was amazing but being overweight I suffered in the heat and of course all the walking was hard because I had to lug all this excess weight along.  My ankles were swollen and I felt very unfit and very fat. I had ten months since our last holiday to do something about it but I did nothing.  I was in denial. I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life and have started diets most Monday’s and failed by Wednesday.

We came back in the early hours of Saturday and I weighed myself late Saturday and I had gained 2lb which isn’t that bad. I have decided to start me journey today …..

Here are a few snaps of our fab holiday  (I will call them my before snaps) we stayed in one of our favourite hotels and we had a lovely ten nights and celebrated John’s Birthday while were in sunny Tenerife.  

Our view 

The hotel did this for John’s Birthday.

Fizz and yummy food

A tipsy me . Feeling the heat. 

I am following the Slimming World plan which is easy to follow and is ideal for me because you cook a lot from scratch and you can eat loads! And you can have a tipple or chocolate bar as long as you keep within your syn allowance. 

I haven’t done much exercise for ages apart from walking on holiday and I am trying to work our an exercise regime. I like swimming and we will be taking longer dog walks and I am getting a new bike .I am laughing to myself imagining me wobbling along on a bike. 

If you chose to follow me I will be doing a weekly what I ate this week and my exercise log as well as a general chats about what I am up to but it will be mostly about my fitness journey.   I am doing this and putting it out here because I will feel accountable if that makes sense.  I am going to try to make some videos for YouTube too. Thank for taking the time to read this post.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments and any Slimming World tips would be great.  

See you very soon x Dawn